Activities and Programmes of “The World Academy of Medicine”:

International Exchange Programme
Since 1999 the Academy has supported the International Exchange of more than 400 medicine students and physicians, nurses, pharmacists, biochemistries, dentists, food scientists and technologists to obtain an experience in an international recognized medical department.

Practice Activities in an Hospital or Research Institute, full time during at least four weeks until three months. Longer stay is also upon request possible.

Humanitarian Assistance
For people with injuries to obtain a plastic surgical treatment, if this is not possible in their country of origin.
We have done surgical procedures in patients, victims of war wounds.

Medical Task Force
A special group of professionals to assist people in countries with adversities and also in regions with exceptional situation under emergence.

We offer a training in intervention in emergence situations including training in intermediate life support with practice endorsed by the European Resuscitation Council. Practice at a shock emergence room, ambulance and air rescue helicopter are part of the programme.

International Exchange Programme
Special International Alumni Programme of Prof. Dr. Paschoal Felippe
International Exchange Programme – Requirements