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Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. mult Paschoal FELIPPE (MD. Ph.D.)
President of the Executive Board
Gaisberg Str. 38 F
5020 Salzburg
Tel: +43 662 643993
Mobile: +43 664 1808773
Fax: +43 662 6439934


There are three Logos of The World Academy of Medicine, one as one as Festive Emblem, one as Emblem and one as Official Seal.

 All of them have the same signification, the Globus as symbol of our earth planet and all countries together, the name of the Academy and the colours are green symbolizing Medicine, white symbolizing peace and gold symbolizing value.

Festive Emblem: This is the same logo emblem but decorated with gold colour and frame to be used in special four-colours with additional metallic colour prints for special situations and in diplomas of the Academy. Can also be used for embroidery.

Emblem: Is a simplified version to be used in two colour prints, like letters, envelopes, and certificates.

Official Seal:  A simplified version to be used as two-colour print, also in very small areas, like merchandising products, like pen or pencil, also to be used as a seal printed in gold or embossing.

General Information

The World Academy of Medicine is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 in Salzburg and is recognized as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Finance and at the Department of the State of Salzburg of the Republic of Austria.

The aims of The World Academy of Medicine are:

  • Support the exchange of medical know-how between different countries
  • The experience exchange should promote the highest level of ethical principles, enlarge the behaviour of doctors between each other and with their patients, Incentive the development of their scientific knowledge to permit to learn more about different cultures and geographic regions.
  • Assist new generation of professionals in health care to achieve the highest level of knowledge
  • Reduce the discrepancies of health care assistance between the different nations
  • Offer humanitarian help in desolate health care situations
  • Promote the ethical principles
  • Development of the international cooperation and friendship
  • Supporting a doctor in distress and needs