International Exchange Programme

Since 1999 the Academy has supported the International Exchange of more than 400 medicine students and physicians, nurses, pharmacists, biochemistries, dentists, food scientists and technologists to obtain an experience in an international recognized medical department.

Practice Activities in a Hospital or Research Institute, full time during at least four weeks until three months. Longer stay is also upon request possible.


International Area – All Countries

Chairman – International
Mr. Prof. Dr. Paschoal B. FELIPPE – Austria

Applications from worldwide countries except from Brazil


Brazilian Applicants

Special Programme – Development of the Medicine in Brazil

Registrar Manager
Pre-Selection and Documentation
Prof. Dr. Taiane Freitas MEDEIROS

Pharmacist – Food Technologist and Biochemist

Applications from Brazil


Special Programme – State of Santa Catarina Brazil Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Wilmar Atahyde Gerent

Special Programme – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Coordination of the Exchange Programme
Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos IGLESIAS (GD HU-UNIRIO) – Brazil
Prof. Dr. Roberto SALLES (UFF) – Brazil

Special Programme – Hospital Santa Isabel – Blumenau and Region – Brazil

Dr. Rodrigo Duarte PEREZ – Brazil

Special Programme UNISUL – Santa Catarina – Brazil

Local Coordination
Fellow Letícia Dall’Oglio WHITAKER (UNISUL – Medical School) – Brazil

Special Programme Paraná – Brazil

Local Coordination
Fellow Leticia Schemberger SCHAFRANSKI (UFPR Curitiba – Medical School) – Brazil

Special Programme – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil

Local Coordination
Fellow Monique SBARDELOTTO (Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição Porto Alegre) – Brazil


Special Programme – Brazil North-East

Local Coordination
Fellow Luiza Nolasco VIANA (Medical School – Federal University of Sergipe) – Brazil


International Exchange Programme 

Full time challenging programme for fellows with interest in an international career

Local of the Fellowship

International renowned Universities, Research Institutes, Hospitals



This fellowship programme has as target to permit a student or professional to attend all activities of the routine work of a physician like consultations, clinical examinations, evaluation of results of complementary examinations, observe or take part in surgical or non-invasive procedures, assistance of patients in the infirmary, emergence or intensive care unit and participation of scientific discussions. The working time begins at 7 am and finishes around 5pm, Monday to Friday. Exceptional activities can extend the working time like surgical procedures. The meals can be done in the Hospital at reduced fee.

The candidate should be healthy and free of mental diseases, have self-initiative, be independent, able to live alone, mature to solve obstacles alone, disciplined to do affairs without to be controlled, preserve own image with excellent behaviour, able to work in a team and under pressure.

Very good knowledge in English is required.

For Fellowship in clinical areas it is necessary to have C1 level of proficiency in the native language of the patients.



Special International Alumni Programme of Prof. Dr. Paschoal Felippe

Full time challenging programme for hard worker career fellows with interest in an international career. Very good English, also in written form, is obligatory.

Contents of the Fellowship:

Participation in all activities like consultation, surgical procedures and patient follow-up, also considering legal aspects of the medical practice and small business administration. Scientific studies in subjects concerning Medicine, Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Cosmetology, Cosmeceuticals, Ageing Process, Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Nutrition and Development of Health Care Products and Medical Devices


Additional Activities and Advantages:

Participation in Scientific Visits, Traveling Abroad, Tele-Conferences, Co-working in Scientific Papers, Studies of Special Subjects, Writing, Publishing, Presentations. Additionally, Career Guidance: Brain Storming, Career Planning, Structuring, Proceedings.

Grants: Additional support can be allowed in selected cases after 4 weeks fellowship depending of the performance of the candidate


Who can apply:

For Diplomates and Students of Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Food Technologist, Nutritionist, Nurse, Biomedical Engineer and Business Administration


Application – Continuous Flow – Duration:

The practice should be at least twelve weeks and can be applied for until one year.

Continuous Flow – Application anytime directly to the Central Office mentioning the programme


Applications for until one year in case of Citizens owner of a Citizenship of the EU and Switzerland.

Applications for until six months for Germany in case of combined Language Course for Citizens non-owner of a Citizenship of the EU and Switzerland.



International Exchange Programme 2019 – 2020 

Open Announcement


The International Exchange Programme is a non-curricular activity independent of an institution. The duration of the exchange experience is between one and three months. If the candidate is owner of a passport of the recipient country or country community, for example EC, GCC, Mercosul, etc, the experience can have the duration of until one year. 


The Programme has the aim to offer the candidate to have an experience abroad in a very high distinguished institution and department to obtain a further education in the area of interest. The offered internship will be given according the language knowledge level of the candidate and according the availability of vacant internship places. The candidate must observe the regulations of the recipient institution, additionally to the regulations of the Academy.


The application can be done anytime. Some candidates prefer to do the exchange experience during the usual university holidays. It is also possible to do an Exchange Programme as curricular activity. In this case the candidate should ask to obtain a permission from the home institution, concerning needs like curriculum items, contents and hours and concerning evaluation of performance and notes to be given.


The candidates can be from all countries of the world, students or graduated in one of the studies areas of Health Care and some other offered areas. 


For all candidates very good English knowledge (fluent) is obligatory.

For French spoken countries is additionally necessary French fluent knowledge.

For German spoken countries is required for Internal Medicine and sub-areas fluent German (level B2 at least) and for the other areas, like surgical areas at least German (B1).


The candidates must have the own possibility to cover all travel, accommodation and own further expenses during the Exchange Programme. We do not offer any kind of payment. Most of hosts offer meals at reduced fees at the hospitals.


The candidate should ask the Embassy of the recipient country about the necessity to obtain a Visa and in this case,  we can offer an invitation letter from the recipient institution to the candidate to process the Visa proceedings in his home country. We do not support any travel without valid passport and without Visa permission. We do not solve legal problems by illegal behavior of the candidate. The candidate should look for information about the local law of the recipient country and follow strongly the law.


The application must be sent to following address

We will refuse and not consider applications, which are not completed with all required documents. They will be deleted without communication.

Required documents – forms are available to be downloaded in the link

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Health certificate
  • Structured Report

Other additional required documents to be sent as PDF

  • Reference letter
  • Declaration of language knowledge and level classified in the system A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 und C2.

(basic, intermediate or advanced)

  • Certificate of enrollment in a faculty or University
  • Declaration to have the financial conditions to take part in the Programme and cover all own expenses.
  • If possible, to have an international valid credit card (important to assure the costs just in case)
  • International valid Insurance for health care and accidents, including repatriation, if necessary.
  • Valid passport at least six months from the date of the departure from the home country to the recipient country.
  • To have a Visa if required in the individual case.
  • Valid return flight ticket
  • Accommodation available before boarding from origin – The Academy do not search accommodations for the Fellows
  • Usually needed medicine should be accompanied of a medical prescription
  • Adequate season clothes and shoes.


The selection process will be done between 19th and 22nd of August 2019. The result of the selection will be informed via e-mail individually to all candidates.

Obligatory required conditions to take part in the Exchange Programme after approval in the selection: 

  1. To do an application to be a Fellow Member of the Academy

To get a membership it is necessary to fulfill the application form for membership and send this to the Email address

Additionally, you need to do the payment of the admission fee of Euro 100 and the annual fee of Euro 100 for the year 2020. Because of administration affairs we will not do reimburse of any kind of payments, also in case of disease.

All participants of the Exchange Programme must get a membership as fellow member. The benefits to get a membership you can see in the link:

The application form should be downloaded from the website. Link:

The payment of the admission and also annual fee has to be done by bank transfer. The approved candidates will receive an email communication with the bank account information.

  1. To take part in the Intensive Course

“Leadership and Management in International Health Care and Hospitality Services”

Save the date: January 7th until January 10th, 2020.

Summary of the Contents:

Leadership-Law-Accounting-Economy-Administration-Finance-Taxes-Human Resources-


International Faculty well renowned experts in the respective subjects.

This course is obligatory, because we have decided to educate the future leaders and managers in the health care services and hospitality. All kind of activities in health care need very good comprehension in all areas of business and management at an international level.

This course is the Module 1 of a GEMBA and will permit the participants to obtain a basic understanding concerning leadership, law and organization of a State, understanding civil, penal, work and disciplinary law. Additionally, this course will offer Business Administration Fundamentals in accounting, balance understanding, different kind of taxes and working with finance and relationship with banks and insurances looking for economical risks in advance. The participants will also obtain knowledge in human resources, recruitment, management and also in marketing and modern tools. The participants will exercise to do a business plan and a business case and will learn to do negotiation with business partners. After the conclusion of this module, they will have an overview to create develop and transform a company to reach better targets and fruitful results.

This course will be fulltime five days long.

The Tuition and Tutorial fee including coffee-break and lunch

  • Euro 6000 for non-members of the Academy
  • Special sponsored Fee for Academy Members

Limited places. The details about the course contents and faculty and schedule will be sent to the approved candidates before to receive the payment.

The registration and payment must be done until September 30th, 2019 by bank transfer. The account number will be informed via e-mail.

Reimburse of payments will not be done in any case including in case of disease, because the payment will significate a confirmed place in the course that has limited places and by this way, other applicants will be unable to obtain a place, if these are totally occupied. If we would do a restitution of the payment this place would be vacant and could not be occupied any more. This would cause a prejudice.

The candidates will be distributed with criterias of the Academy, concerning their speciality preference, their knowledge in the language of the recipient country and one by one following the date of that we have received the application form.

We do not publish the locals where we have available vacant places. All vacant places are in international recognized hospitals and universities.

If some candidate is interested to be in the same city or department with other one, please inform us about this as soon as possible in the application form. We will try to attend this special observation, but we can not promise that this well be possible.

Available and number of vacant places 35:

  • Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Treatment – 2 places
  • Radiology General and Interventional – 1 place
  • Neuroradiology and Interventional Neuro-Radiology – 1 place

Internal Medicine Areas – 8 places as following:

  • Cardiology and Pneumology – 2 places
  • Dermatology – 1 place
  • Rehabilitation Medicine – Physiatry after Neurological Disease – 2 places
  • Gastroenterology, Endoscopy of the Digestive Tract, Hepatology – 1 place
  • Neurology – 1 place
  • Hematology and Oncology – 1 place

Surgical areas – 17 places as following:

  • Cardiac Surgery – 2 places
  • General Laparoscopic and Transplantation Surgery – 4 places
  • Vascular and Endovascular Surgery – 1 place
  • Pediatric Surgery – 1 place
  • Gynecology, Obstetrics and Mastology – 2 places
  • Neurosurgery – 2 places
  • Ophthalmology – 1 place
  • Orthopedy and Orthopedic Surgery – 2 places
  • Ear-Nose-Throat and Head and Neck Surgery – 1 place
  • Urology – 1 place

Other Areas – 6 places as following: 

Other possible areas with perspective of contacting

with priority if the candidate is owner of a Passport of the European Community

  • Executive Secretary – 2 places

Required – intermediate English, German at least basic, French at least basic

  • Nursing or Technician Surgical Instrumentation and Sterilization – 2 places

Required: 5 years’ work experience in Health care

English or German language

  • Business Administration and Marketing plus Digital Marketing – 2 places

Required: Fluent English, MS-Office, CRM or Equivalent, WordPress, Graphic design,

Email marketing, Landing page and Tools, Inbound Marketing