International Exchange Programme – Coordination

Chairman – International
Mr. Prof. Dr. Paschoal B. FELIPPE – Austria
Applications from worldwide countries except from Brazil

Special Programme – Development of the Medicine in Brazil – Coordinators
Prof. Dr. João José de Deus CARDOSO
Prof. Wilmar Athayde GERENT
Mr. Prof Dr. Rafael Klee VASCONCELLOS
Mrs. Prof. Dr. med. Cristina da Silva Schreiber de OLIVEIRA

Registrar Manager
Pre-Selection and Documentation
Mrs. Prof. Dr. Taiane Freitas MEDEIROS
Pharmacist – Food Technologist and Biochemist
Applications from Brazil

Coordination Assistants – Event Organization
Mrs. Pharmacist and Biochemist Larissa Jeremias Duarte – Brazil
Mr. Fernando Neves – Brazil

Special Programme – State of Santa Catarina Brazil Coordinator
Prof. Dr. med. Wilmar Atahyde Gerent

Special Programme – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Coordination of the Exchange Programme
Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos IGLESIAS (GD HU-UNIRIO) – Brazil
Prof. Dr. Roberto SALLES (UFF) – Brazil

Special Programme – Hospital Santa Isabel – Blumenau and Region – Brazil
Mr. Dr. Rodrigo Duarte Perez – Brazil

Special Programme UNISUL – Santa Catarina – Brazil
Local Contact for Information
Mrs. Fellow Letícia Dall’Oglio WHITAKER (UNISUL – Medical School) – Brazil

Special Programme Paraná – Brazil
Local Contact for Information
Mrs. Fellow Leticia Schemberger SCHAFRANSKI (UFPR Curitiba – Medical School) – Brazil

Special Programme – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil
Local Contact for Information
Mrs. Fellow Monique SBARDELOTTO (Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição Porto Alegre) – Brazil

Special Programme – Brazil North-East
Local Contact for Information
Mrs. Fellow Luiza Nolasco VIANA (Medical School – Federal University of Sergipe) Brazil

International Exchange Programme

Full time challenging programme for hard worker career fellows with interest in an international career

Local of the Fellowship
International renowned Universities, Research Institutes, Hospitals

This fellowship programme has as target to permit a student or professional to attend all activities of the routine work of a Physician like consultations, clinical examinations, evaluation of results of complementary examinations, observe or take part in surgical or non-invasive procedures, assistance of patients in the infirmary, emergence or intensive care unit and participation of scientific discussions. The working time begins at 7 am and finishes around 5pm, Monday to Friday. Exceptional activities can extend the working time like surgical procedures. The meals can be done in the Hospital with reduced fee.
The candidate should be healthy and free of mental diseases, have self-initiative, be independent, able to live alone, mature to solve obstacles alone, disciplined to do affairs without to be controlled, preserve own image with excellent behaviour, able to work in a team and under pressure. Very good knowledge in English is required. For Fellowship in clinical areas it is necessary to have C1 level of proficiency in the native language of the patients.

Who can apply:
For Diplomates and Students of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Nurse

Addressed to Mrs. Prof. Dr Taiane Freitas MEDEIROS
The fellowship should be at least six weeks obligatorily
Applications for until one year in case of Citizens owner of a Citizenship of the EU and Switzerland.
Applications for until six months for Germany in case of combined Language Course for Citizens non-owner of a Citizenship of the EU and Switzerland.
Fluent English, also in written form, is obligatory for all applications
Proficiency in English is enough for surgical specialities
Proficiency in the Language of the patients is obligatory for applicants to clinical specialities
Proficiency in the Language of the patients is desired for applicants to clinical specialities

Application Time
Applications until July 31th will be considered for January of the following year.
Applications received after 1st August will be considered for the second following January.
Forms for application to download in the download area.