Project Description

University Professor Dr med. Paschoal Bernardino FELIPPE
President of the Executive Board
Honour President 1999 -2000

Professor Paschoal Bernardino Felippe (II) was born in Brazil. He is son of an immigrant family from Italy.

His grandfather with the same name Paschoal Bernardino Felippe (I) was educated in Italy and in Brazil and has studied Medicine and Pharmacy at the National University of Rio de Janeiro. His father Gilton Dutra e Mello Felippe has also studied Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the Fluminense Federal University and later Medicine at the Medical School of Teresópolis, both in Rio de Janeiro. Professor Felippe’s sister Daniela is also Physician. He has more than fifty uncles and cousins, who are physicians in the family. Professor Felippe has done the exceptional experience to be fellow student with his father.

Professor Felippe is left-handed. Because of his interest in surgery he has trained also his right hand to be able to use all instruments.

During the graduation studies Professor Felippe has worked as Mentor for four years in the Laboratory of Human Anatomy preparing anatomical pieces for demonstrations and doing practical dissection courses. He has started practical hospital activities in surgery from the fifth semester of his graduation course in emergency and surgery.

After his graduation he has presented himself as voluntary soldier to the Military Marine. After examinations he was approved to be a Medical Officer of the Military Marine. After successful military education he has obtained three military patent graduation promotions, Navy Ensign MD, 2nd Lieutenant MD and 1st Lieutenant MD of the Brazilian Military Marine. He has served as Officer Military Doctor in the CIAW, Centre of Instruction of Officers of the Marine Admiral Wandenkolk, Naval Hospital Marcilio Dias, Navy Headquarter in participation of the Elite Guard of the Mr. President of the Federal Republic of Brazil, training with japanese martial arts, explosives and guns with the marines, embarked as crew member and only one Doctor responsible for the crew of the Corvette ”Corveta Bahiana CV21 Águia Soberana” and “Corvette CV 15 Corveta Imperial Marinheiro – Imperial dos Mares”, doing a lot of military war exercises with enthusiasms and bravery in the Atlantic Ocean. His Basis was the 1st Naval District, Rio de Janeiro.

Professor Felippe is a Military Marine Veteran Officer and has leaved the military life to do his postgraduation studies. He has obtained in Brazil the Specialist Title in General and Trauma Surgery working at the State Hospital Getulio Vargas, a well-known Hospital for Great Trauma and Inflammatory Emergences and at the HSE Hospital of the Officers of Rio de Janeiro, the first Hospital with Medical Residenceship in US American Modell in Brazil, with emphasis in elective surgery of the Thyreoid, Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal and Biliary Surgery as TCBC Member of the Brazilian College of Surgeons, Title of Specialist in Urology at the Central Hospital of ISAERJ, well known for endoscopic and urologic cancer surgery in Rio de Janeiro as TSBU, Member of the Brazilian Society of Urology. Postgraduation latu sensu as Distance Education in Public Health, UNAERP Ribeirão Prêto, São Paulo, Brazil. Postgraduation strictu sensu with Master Studies in Gastroenterological Surgery at the Fluminense Federal University Rio de Janeiro

Professor Felippe has obtained the Title of Specialist in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery with training at the University Hospital Antonio Pedro of the Fluminense Federal University Rio de Janeiro and Diakonie St Markus Hospital of the Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main Germany.

He has done his Doctorate Studies (Ph.D.) in Medicine in the field of Reconstructive Surgery of the Urinary Bladder with Continence Mechanisms using Small and Large Bowel Segments “Continent Urinary Diversion” at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany

Professor Felippe was Auxiliary Professor of Surgery at the Medical School Teresópolis; later approved after public examinations as Auxiliary Professor of Surgery at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro “UNIRIO” and at same time as Auxiliary Professor of Surgery Federal Fluminense University, Rio de Janeiro where he has entered and after six months promoted to Adjoint Professor of Surgery at the Federal Fluminense University, Rio de Janeiro. One year later, after successful public examination with defence of Thesis, Curriculum and Oral Examination with an Aula, Professor Felippe has obtained the position as Chairholder University Professor of Surgery (Professor Titular) Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil. Because of this he has obtained the promotion by law to Chairholder University Professor of Surgery (Professor Titular) also at the Fluminense Federal University, with cumulation of both positions for couple of months, finally taking the decision to assume integrally the position in Florianópolis.

Professor Felippe has done 1992 the first one radical cysto-prostatectomy with combined simultaneous confection of a continent urinary reservoir Mainz Pouch and pelvic lymphadenectomy by an invasive carcinoma of the urinary bladder in Brazil, at the Universitary Hospital Antonio Pedro, Fluminense Federal University in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.

1993 and 1994 he has done further surgical procedures of a continent urinary reservoir Mainz Pouch by patients with bladder extrophy in Brazil, at the Universitary Hospital, Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis, Brazil.

1994 he has done the first confection of a continent urinary diversion Mainz Pouch by a female patient with bladder extrophy in Brazil, using the Appendix Vermiformis as Urethra for self cathetherisation in the vestibulum vulvae at the Universitary Hospital, Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis, Brazil.

Professor Felippe has done also the first Neovagina using pedicled Coecum in a patient with Vagina agenesy with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome.

Professor Felippe has done two inventions. He has teached and done research work at the Electric Engineering Faculty, Group of Biomedical Engineering, giving original idea 1993 to construct an Uroflowmeter with a balance, a bucket and an oscillometer with a printing needle in a thermic paper. This was the Thesis of Master in Biomedical Electric Engineering of a Master Studies Student.

1995 Prof Felippe gave the idea to insert in the computer memory the 6 patterns of graphics of mictions curves. Using the Artificial Intelligence Techniques were created the Digital Intelligent Uroflowmeter that can give after the miction not only the graphic, but also the probable diagnosis of the miction disturb. This was the Doctorate Thesis under his Idea and Orientation. He has loosed the rights to obtain a patent because the student has presented the prototype in a software exhibition “FENASOFT” and with this presentation gained 1st Award. The idea has been transformed in a public domain and could not be patented.

He is Fellow of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation, Germany “Kruppianer” and also Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany, “Humboldtianer”.

Professor Felippe has done multiple Post Doctorate Studies in Organ and Tissue Transplantation, in Tissue Engineering, in Microsurgery of Vessels and Nerves, in Leadership and Health Care Management, in Extracorporeal Lithotripsy with Shock Wave – Dornier Medical Germering, Germany; Extracorporeal Lithotripsy at the Lithotripter Centre in St Thomas Hospital in London, England; Artificial Insemination and Fertilisation in Vitro at Department of Reproductive Animal Medicine of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Giessen, Germany; Artificial Insemination and Fertilisation in Vitro at Dr Fred Maleika in Stuttgart, Germany; Extracorporeal Lithotripsy with Ultrasound Richard Wolff Offenbach, Germany; Urodynamics Dr Bernd Pawera in Ingelheim am Rhein in Germany; General Surgery and Modern and Functional Hospital Planning and Building, Alfried Krupp Hospital, Essen, Germany; Strategic Planning Air Bus Company Hamburg, Germany; Microsurgery of Vessels and Coronary By-Pass at The Aesculap Institute, Tuttlingen, Germany; Department of Transplantation Surgery – Member of the Transplantation Team, MHH Medical School Hannover, Germany; Visiting Professor of the Foundation Organtransplantation Germany in Hannover, Germany;

He has done advanced post-doctoral studies in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at Plastic Surgery Morphe – Buttock Surgical Techniques in Athens Greece; Department of Plastic Surgery, Craneo-Facial Surgery at the University Hospital, University of Innsbruck, Austria; Department of Plastic Surgery, Surgery of Facial Paresis  and Surgery of Leprosy Patients – AKH General Hospital of the University Vienna, Austria; Department of Paediatric  Surgery, surgery of the Anal Incontinence, University of Salzburg, Austria; MHH Medical School Hannover, Department of Plastic Surgery – Endoscopic Plastic Surgery, Oststadt-Hospital of the MHH Medical School Hannover, Germany; Department of Plastic Surgery – Skin Flaps Surgeries, MHH Medical School Hannover, Germany; Department of Plastic Surgery – Muscle Flap Surgeries, MHH Medical School Hannover, Germany; Hand Surgery and Burn Injuries, Management and Surgery, BG-Unfallklinik Ludwigshafen, Germany; American Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Milad Private Hospital Teheran Iran, Department of Plastic Surgery of the 15. Kordad Hospital and University of Teheran and Imam Mousa Kazem Burns Hospital of the University of Isfahan, Islamic Republic of Iran; Department of Plastic Surgery University of Tokyo, Japan; Department of Urology, Robotic Surgery and Paediatric Urologic Surgery of the University of Mainz, Germany; Laboratories Viollier, Basel, Switzerland.

Professor Felippe was honoured Fellow of the Royal Infirmary Canniesburn Unit for Plastic Surgery of Complex Multiple War Injuries, Mal Formations and Acquired Defects and Substance Defects and Covering, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

He has had the Exceptional privilege to be visiting Professor of Michail Wassiljewitsch Lomonossow – Iwan Michailowitsch Setschenow Imperial First Moscow State Medical University.

Professor Felippe was frequent attendee of the International Meetings of the CEIBS Chinese European International Business School in Zurich, Switzerland.

He is Member of several scientific organisations worldwide like TCBC, TSBU, SBPC, SBCP, DGPRÄC, DGCH, ISAPS, IPRAS, TWAOM, etc

Professor Felippe was invited as guest surgeon or guest professor in many countries. He is Member of renamed International Scientific Organizations, President of the Executive Board of the World Academy of Medicine; Consultant Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Germany with privilege to do surgical procedures in many hospitals in Germany and in many other countries in different continents.

Professor Felippe is one of the 17teen Founders Members of the World Academy of Medicine and its proponent. He was the first elected President. Since the act of foundation, he is Procurator and legal responsible person for the Institution. He has created and done the coordination of all programmes of the Academy and opened the frontiers of the Academy for Members of all continents, expanding from 15 countries members in 1999 to 49 in 2018, visiting one-by-one Member, because the admission of a new Member is only possible by invitation.

Professor Felippe is an International recognized Surgeon and accredited as “Distinguished Great Master and Ordinarius University Professor of Medicine with two “Venia Docendi” obtained at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Fluminense Federal University Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro and “Venia legendi” obtained by the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil. He is highly qualified to educate Physicians at levels of Graduation, Master and Doctorate Studies as also very high qualified to be Leader of Research Groups in all Countries affiliated to The World Academy of Medicine.

Professor Felippe is Consultant Specialist Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon and also member of the board of other philanthropic organizations like Amadeus International Culture Committee ( ) and Unidos International Football Association ( ).

Professor Felippe has attended the Course on Health Systems Strengthening for Universal Health Coverage of World Health Organisation and also of the Harvard University, Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research.

Paschoal Bernardino Felippe is married and has two children.