After a long international professional journey, Professor Dr. Paschoal Felippe met other very experienced Professionals from different origins and different backgrounds to discuss about the future of the development of the Medicine and Health Care in the different nations under different realities. Professor Felippe has demonstrated his worried meanings about the disadvantage of some professionals to obtain access to the scientific literature, to the best training opportunities, to the modern diagnosis and therapeutical techniques and also with the maintenance of the ethical principles.

Because of this Professor Felippe proposes his Colleagues to found a new Institution to support the access to best education in health care and to minimize the discrepances in the different areas of the world.

With unanimity, he has obtained the total support from all Colleagues. He has proposed a Statute that was approved and registered. Professor Felippe was elected for the first mandate as Honour President and was also elected as General Procurator of the Academy.

During 25 years Prof. Felippe has worked hard, with generous support of his wife, to do the start-up and and set up of the Academy. Day by day, year after year, all Members of the Senate and Executive Board have worked without interruption, to support the development and growth of the Academy.

With his professional relationships, Professor Felippe has gained adepts to support the International Exchange Educational Programme of the Academy. Generous and well renowned Professors has offered their special time and competence with the best quality of professional hospitality to offer education and training to the Alumni of the Academy, denominated FELLOWS.

The Faculty of Honour Members and Great Professors has grown year by year and after 25 years the Academy can account with Venerable Members of 52 Countries and about 400 educated and trained Professionals FELLOWS of the Academy.

Every year several Plastic Reconstructive Surgical Treatments without costs for the patients victms of malformations, accidents and war injuries were done under the managemento of Professor Felippe and Prof. Ubaidullo Kurbanov.

Also yearly was done an International Experts Plastic Surgeons Meeting to discuss cases with high complexity, every year in other country.

Under the Leadership of Prof. Eugenio Raimondo and Dr. Luca Raimondo a lot of Handicapped Patients with Dental-Oral-Diseases could be treated under general anaesthesia.

A Medical Task Force was created and trained with realistic simulation by Professor Felippe, with the generous support of Professor Wolfgang Völkl, Chairman of the Deparment of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Medical Director of the Hospital of Accidents of Salzburg and Chairman of the Air Rescue Services of the Republic of Austria.

Until 2020 the Academy was supported economicaly by private funds of Prof. Felippe. He has concluded that by this way the future of the Academy is under risks of existence.

After different tentatives to obtain funding to transform the Academy in a self sustainable Institution, Prof Felippe has decided to create an Educational Premium Programme with Courses in the different areas of the needs of the Professionals of Health Care.

International alliances are under development for this propose and to execute the Courses as Partners.

The International Educational Exchange Programme will be done only combined with the Courses as a complement of these.

Additionaly to the Courses other events will be organized.

By this way the fees will cover the existencial costs of the Academy.