Special International Alumni Programme of Prof. Dr. Paschoal Felippe

Full time challenging programme for hard worker career fellows with interest in an international career.
Very good English, also in written form, is obligatory.

Contents of the Fellowship:
Participation in all activities like consultation, surgical procedures and patient follow-up, also considering legal aspects of the medical practice and small business administration. Scientific studies in subjects concerning Medicine, Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Cosmetology, Cosmeceuticals, Ageing Process, Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Nutrition and Development of Health Care Products and Medical Devices

Additional Activities and Advantages:
Participation in Scientific Visits, Traveling Abroad, Tele-Conferences, Coworking in Scientific Papers, Studies of Special Subjects, Writing, Publishing, Presentations. Additionally, Career Guidance: Brain Storming, Career Planning, Structuring, Proceedings.

Grants: Additional support can be allowed in selected cases after 4 weeks fellowship depending of the performance of the candidate

Who can apply:
For Diplomates and Students of Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Food Technologist, Nutritionist, Nurse, Biomedical Engineer and Business Administration

Application – Continuous Flow – Duration:
The practice should be at least twelve weeks and can be applied for until one year.
Continuous Flow – Application Anytime directly to the Central Office with mention to the programme
Applications for until one year in case of Citizens owner of a Citizenship of the EU and Switzerland.
Applications for until six months for Germany in case of combined Language Course for Citizens non-owner of a Citizenship of the EU and Switzerland.